Audio and Video recorder for Conversations, meetings, speeches, Atmosphere, Sound Archives


The European Union chose Soundeyes to record Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee.

SoundEyes on french fireworker mobile command center (SDIS13)


1 year of Audio archives 24h a day on 20GB hard drive !

Up to 255 analog, numeric or IP sources handled on a simple PC, and thousands on a cluster of recorder

The best performance in this range of price for archive saving, SoundEyes is the perfect solution for sound recording, selective re-listenning and monitoring...


A full range of products from standard mono channel, to multichannel recorder archiving hundreds of channels.

IP streaming of multiple audio sources from a single recorder.

Get more informations on product description and solution's catalog.

Current release: SR24
  • Friday, September 2th 2011
    SoundEyes is certified NF399 by Infocert.
  • Monday, March 7th 2011
    new release of SoundEyes SR24.10 is available.

  • Wednesday, January 12th 2011
    French Police choose Soundeyes recorder
    for all the police call center.

  • Tuesday, Décember 28th 2010
    Soundeyes record multistream video for the conferences rooms of international organisations of Geneva in CICG Building.

  • Thursday, August 28th 2010
    French Fire-brigade of Marseille choose Soundeyes.
  • Tuesday January 5Th 2010
    WHO choose soundeyes to store, listen end transcribe all the meeting .

  • Thursday February 5Th 2009
    European parlement choose soundeyes for all the conference room, In Brussel, Luxembourg, Strabourg .


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